Note that Aira recommends leaving your glasses on and charged as often as possible. This ensures you can pick them up and use them whenever you need. If you do have the need to completely power down your glasses:

Powering Down:

  1.  Find the small round button on the right stem on the larger part of the arm. If you are wearing the glasses the power button is the smaller of two buttons and is the second one going from front to back. The front or larger button is rectangular in shape.

  2.  Hold the button down for a count of four to five.

  3.  If successful, you will hear a message saying “shut down”, (Your Glass has now shut down).

Powering Up:

  1.  Press the small round power button for 1 to two seconds.

  2.  You will not hear any sound initially, but after 10 to 15 seconds you will hear a ding followed by spoken feedback

  3. Glass is now connected to your wireless network.

Note that the process is the same whether the glasses are folded or unfolded.