Turning on:

Find the power button at the far right of the device when holding the device long-wise in the palm of your hand. Make sure that the usb charger port is facing down, or towards you when holding the device.

Press the power button for 3-seconds to power it up. Wait for 30-40 seconds for it to fully boot up to begin using it with your Aira smart glasses.

Turning off:

Find the power button, and hold it for 10-seconds to shut it down.

Alternatively, use your Aira Smart App

  1. Open your aira app.

  2. Go to the my glass tab in your Aira App.

  3. At the very bottom tap on the Shutdown Mifi button to turn off your mifi device.

  4. Note: the above steps will only work if your glasses have an active connection to your mifi. If the Mifi is not active the “shutdown” option will not appear in the app. This is one way to know if your Mifi is active or not.