1. When installing Aira, you will be prompted to give Aira permission to use Siri. Agree to this to empower Siri with this new skill.

  2. If you choose not to use Siri, but would like to use Siri with Aira in the future, you can follow these steps:

  3. Go to the Settings app on your phone and activate Siri and Search for Siri options.

  4. Check to see if “Hey Siri!” is turned on

  5. If so, tell Siri, “Hey Siri, open Aira.” You can either speak “Hey Siri” or push and hold the home button to activate Siri. This will quickly open the Aira app. If you did not previously give Siri permission to integrate with Aira, further down in the Siri and Search screen, activate the Aira app permissions and ensure both Search and Siri suggestions, and Use With Siri are both turned on. 

  6. If your phone says, “You do not have an app named, ‘Aira’ you can try changing how you pronounce the app to Siri.

  7. You may try, “Air-ah” or “I-rah”

  8. You can also quickly make a glass or phone camera call to an agent by simply telling Siri, “Make an Aira audio call”, to call with glass, or “Make an Aira video call”, to call with the phone camera. Note if you want to call with glass you need to ensure your glasses are connected to WIFI prior to calling with SIRI.