Home tab:

Allows you to select Phone or Glass to call an Agent.

My Glass tab:

Get status to your Glass and your Glass connection as well as providing you the option to shut down your MIFI.

Wi-Fi tab:

Add wifi networks for your Glass to connect to.

Select a network from your list to connect to.

Usage tab:

Keep track of your minutes used in your plan. View your Call Log information, check on past ratings or choose to rate past agent experiences, and receive contact info to update your plan to increase minutes.

More tab:

This tab is divided into sections. The first section is all related to your account.

View your profile information.

Referral option where you can earn a free month of service for you and a friend by referring them to use Aira 

Minutes sharing, where you can see who is sharing minutes with your account and read more about the minutes sharing option.

Next is the inbox section consisting of the photos inbox where photos taken by agents will appear. These photos will automatically speak their image descriptions provided by the agents and can be saved directly to your phone or shared with your various social networks. 

The Linked Account section is next:

Add your UBER account, so that an Agent may make UBER calls and identify the car when it arrives for you.

Add your Lyft account so agents can schedule Lyft rides and identify the car when it arrives for you.

Site Access Section:

Provides information about the Site Access program, where you can use the Aira service in specific locations without ever having your minutes used 

Site Access locations section is constantly being updated when organizations and locations sign up to become a site Access site. If you would like a location that you frequent with Aira to become a Site Access location , we urge you to introduce them to the Aira Site Access program. 

Support Section:

Call Aira support for plan questions or Tech issues.

Help Center detailing constantly updated frequently asked questions..

View Terms of Service.

View Privacy Policy.

View your Version.

Log out.