Your monthly Aira service can be shared with up to two additional people. To activate them as users on your account do the following:

  1. Open your Aira app from your phone screen.

  2. Open the More tab and choose the Minutes Sharing option.

  3. Activate the Add button in the top right corner of the screen to add a new user to your account.

  4. Type the new user’s email address to invite them to share your account and press the Send button.

  5. The additional user will receive an email inviting them to share your account and providing them the links to download the Aira app . Once they sign up, you will be able to see their minutes usage in the Usage tab of your app.

Note that all plans aside from the basic minutes package allow for minutes sharing.

Minutes sharing FAQS 

Can people sharing a subscription call Aira at the same time?
Yes, however some restrictions may apply during periods of high call volume.
Will people sharing a subscription also be able to share glasses?
Yes, the glasses can be freely shared by using the “Claim Glass” option on the home screen of the app. Once claimed, the status of the glasses will switch to the usual “Glass Connected” status:

Can additional glasses be requested or purchased?
It is not possible to purchase additional glasses at this time, however we are working hard to make this an option.
Can people sharing a subscription see how many minutes they have each used?
Yes, the Usage tab will show how many minutes each person sharing the subscription has used during the current billing period.
What if the subscription owner decides to cancel?
All people sharing the subscription are suspended, however they will receive emails with links to allow creation of their own subscriptions.
Can a person be part of multiple subscriptions at the same time?
No, a person can only belong to one subscription at a time. The subscription owner will have to remove the person from their subscription before that person can be invited by someone else.