Can you help me clean up around the house before I start my Roomba?

Can you help me assemble this massage chair?

Can you tell me what toy my cat is playing with?

Can you help me get my Firestick set up and synced?

Can you tell me if my son is working on his homework or playing video games?

Can you help me re-program this touchscreen thermostat?

I just got this new bed frame that needs to be assembled. Can you help me?

Can you help me read a bedtime story to my daughter

We just bought a new house and are remodeling. Can you describe these paint colors for me?

Can you tell me if my teenage son has really finished this sheet of homework?

I'd like to fill out this medical form before going to the doctor. Can you take a picture of the form, convert to pdf, fill it out for me, then email it back to me?

What medication and dosage is this?

Can you describe this remote and help me navigate the source inputs on my TV?

Can you look up a recipe for me?

Can you help me sort my mail?

How do I put the belt back on this vacuum?

Can you help me set up this washing machine?

What temperature is my oven at?

Can you tell me if this curling iron is on?

I am looking for my dog in the backyard, do you see her?

Can you help me set up this new blanket warmer?

I lost my Aira glasses and need help searching through the house to find them.

My cat vomited and I don't want to step in it - do you see it on the carpet?

Could you read the expiration dates on the items in my pantry?

Will you see where this package is from?

Could you help me reorganize my closet?

Could you help me set up this new instant pot air fryer?

Did my dog make a mess in his crate last night?

Could you check what the thermostat says?

What is my dog chewing on?

Can you see if there are any mold spots on this piece of fruit?

I lost my charger on the floor can you help me find it?