I'm at work - can you read the criminal background check on my computer screen?

Can you help me determine the condition of these books being returned to the library where I work?

I'm on my job (retail store); can you help me sort these clothes?

What's on my computer screen right now?

Can you help me restock these shelves?

Can you help me with my company's time off request form?

My emails are not showing in my inbox, can you see why?

JAWS is not working on my work computer, can you see what it says?

Can you read this PDF I was emailed for work?

Can you read the handwritten notes from last weeks meeting?

Could you please read the minutes for the past weeks meeting for everyone?

Can you read these checks written to my company?

Will you help me read through the pages of this file I have?

Can you fill out this online form for me?

Could you help me look for jobs in my area?

I'm having trouble logging onto a website, what does the screen say?

Did this print out correctly?