I want you to find a joke for my friend and email it to him.

I want you to help me take a photo of my guide dog.

Can you describe what people look like around me?

Can you help me paint my nails?

Will you take a picture of this photo on my family tree and email it to me?

Will you take a photo of my children and email it to me?

What is my daughter doing right now?

Can you describe the holiday decorations?

Can you take a picture of my family?

Can you describe this photo on Facebook?

I'm going to a conference. Can you research the key speakers, download their pictures, place their pictures in a folder, so I can call back and have the agent help me identify them so as to approach them for a possible business transaction.

Can you describe the stuffed animal my daughter just made for me?

Can you help me get my phone camera lined up just right so I can take a selfie with my friends?

I'm on vacation and on an open bus tour. Can you snap some good pictures for me so I can post them later on Facebook?

Can you help me roast some marshmallows at this bonfire?

I'm at a party, can you describe the decorations and what my friends are wearing?

Can you take pictures of my dog with his new toys?

Can you describe my daughter's new boyfriend to me?

Can you describe my friend for a demo?

What are the other people wearing at this conference? (Ties, formal business attire, etc.)

Can you look up the person I'm supposed to meet online so I can tell when they arrive? 

I'm at a meeting, can you tell me what food is on the table?