Can you tell me what restaurants are nearby?

Can you describe the shops that are around me?

Can you help me navigate this dirt trail shortcut?

Can you tell me what gate I need to get to for my connecting flight?

Can you help me get to this store/restaurant?

Can you call an Uber/Lyft for me and let me know when it arrives?

I'm traveling next week can you make my hotel reservation for me?

I'm going out to a restaurant tonight can you look up the menu for me and tell me what they have?

Is this a good spot to wait for my Uber/Lyft?

Where is the exit?

What kind of restaurants are around here?

Where is the nearest Starbucks?

How far away is the Fedex?

Where is the bar?

Can you help me find some grass so my dog can relieve himself/herself?

How many people are in line ahead of me?

Could you help me find the restroom?

Can you confirm that I am in front of the elevators?

Will you help me find my hotel room?

What does this restaurant look like?

Could you help me find an empty seat?

Will you help me get to the gate for my flight?

Will you help me find a restaurant in the terminal before my flight?

Will you tell me the layout of the room?

Could you read my boarding pass and tell me what my seat assignment is?

Could you help me get to the closest bus stop?

Where is the closest train station?

Could you help me buy a train ticket?