Can you help me format a letter of recommendation?

I want you to look up a phone number online for me.

Can you help me apply online for some jobs?

Can you find the instruction manual for this?

Can you help me set up a new bluetooth speaker?

Can you research the newest iPhone for me?

Can you fill out this online form for me?

Can you call this business, find out the tracking number of my order, and email that to me?

I've lost all of the log in and password information to all of my online bill pay sites. Can you help me reset them?

I'm staying in a hotel can you describe what the TV remote looks like and tell me what channels they have?

I'm looking to apply for X type of job. Can you do a job search for me and help me to submit my resume/fill out the online application?

Can you help me set up my new bluetooth headphones?

Can you use Zoom to navigate my computer for me?

Can you help me get JAWS to work on my computer again?

Will you read this Captcha code for me?

What does my computer screen say right now?

Why is my tv not working?

I am on with Apple support, will you help me do what they are asking and tell me what is on my screen?