I want to find the best deal for something online.

I want you to help me research the best deal for gyms in my area.

Can you help me order food?

I'm looking for a specific brand of ____ (at the store)

Can you order something from Amazon for me?

Can you log into my Amazon account and order a few things for me?

I'm thinking of moving to X place can you look up apartment rentals in the area for me?

Can you update my grocery order?

Can you help me identify this item (perfume, charger, battery) and find it on Amazon for me?

I am looking for a new puppy, can you describe the ones on this website?

Will you please set up monthly deliveries of this item from Amazon?

I am looking for a new shirt, can you describe the clothes on this rack?

Would you help me pick out a book at this book store?

Could you help me find produce at the grocery store?

I am making dinner for my spouse tonight, can you help me find the ingredients?

What kind of beers to they have on tap?