I'm at the movie theater and want this movie described.

Can you describe this live play?

Can you explain to me how to fold this Origami cube?

Can you read the subtitles to me while I watch the episode?

Can you describe this circus for me?

Could you help me wrap this present?

Can you help me with my knitting?

Will you help me watch my little sibling make a painting?

I'm watching a tv show, could you describe the show for me?

I am at a basketball game, could you describe the game?

Would you take some pictures of this beach we are visiting?

My dog is in a really cute position, could you take a picture and send it to me?

Would you go through this photo album with me and help me pick out some pictures to post online?

Could you take a picture of the orchestra on stage for me?

Can you help me set up my March Madness bracket?

Could you describe this video on Facebook to me?

What are these pictures on my Facebook timeline of?

Could you describe my Instagram feed to me?

Could you read this novel to me?

Can you tell me what these squawking birds are doing outside my window?

Can you help me read and sort these Pokemon cards?

Hi can you tell me how much snow is on the ground outside?

How deep is the snow outside?